KinderCare Learning Centers Presents Tag-a-Tot at Target Center!

Registration is as easy as A-B-C:

A:  A parent or guardian visits Target Center's Guest Services office.

B:  Basic information is gathered.

C:  Colorful wristband noting the child’s seat location is placed on his or her wrist.

In the event that a child is separated from the parent or guardian, an usher can reference the seat location and help the child back to his or her seat.  In case of a greater emergency, an usher can reference the child’s registration card for emergency contact information.

Visit the Guest Services office, located on the Lower Concourse near section 138, for more information and to tag-your-tot!

Presented locally by KinderCare Learning Centers, where everything is designed for learning.

Target Center guests that register for the Tag-A-Tot program are eligible for a SPECIAL OFFER from KinderCare Learning Centers!  Click Here for details.

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