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Oct 15, 2014


LOS ANGELES- OCTOBER 13, 2014- Garth Brooks has shattered his North American ticket sales record for a single city with over 188,000 tickets sold from eleven shows at Target Center in Minneapolis - and they are still selling!

The record was previously held by Chicago where he sold 180,000 tickets from eleven shows at the Allstate Arena. Before that was his 1998 record for 162,833 tickets sold from nine shows at Target Center in Minneapolis. 

The show has been getting rave reviews:

Rolling Stone: "He's back!"

The Tennessean: "Go to a Garth Brooks concert, sit down and be quiet. He dares you. He makes it impossible...as the first notes of the song were played, an electric feeling of anticipation blanketed the room as the audience started screaming. Not just cheering, screaming." 

USA Today: "...as loud as Brooks screamed Thursday night, as he opened his comeback tour at Allstate Arena, the crowd screamed back louder...when he picked up an acoustic guitar...the crowd went berserk." 

Radio.com: "triumphant," and "a full-throttle live show so energetic, emotional and packed with sing-along hits that you'd never guess he'd been off the concert-tour circuit for well over a decade." 

Chicago Sun-Times: "This was an audience that erupted at an opening guitar strum or drumbeat...the more traditional country songs from the set positioned Brooks back to his strengths, as a singer who could lead a hoedown and make a sports arena feel like a barn dance." 

Los Angeles Times: "...he delivered a physically demanding, emotionally explosive performance..."

CMT.COM: "The fans applauded him, he applauded them. They cried, he cried. He reached his hand down, they reached their hands up...Brooks seemed to be taking the energy from the more than 17,000 fans there and giving it right back to them in a steady stream of what he referred to as his cowboy songs." 

Daily Beast: "The deafening volume of the crowd, screaming in high pitch in reaction to every small move Brooks made during the opening night of his tour, proved that he doesn't have to chase anything. Millions will continue to chase him."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "...there was something borderline profound about that performance, found in the infectious, angelic sound of thousands singing together in harmony- a balanced mix of longtime fans and young adults who were small children during Brooks' '90s reign- and in Brooks' genuinely overwhelmed expression."

The Florida Times-Union: "...he is one of the most intense performers you'll ever see...So I'll say this: It doesn't matter if you don't know country music, or even if you don't like country music. If you see Brooks in concert, you absolutely will be entertained." 

The Orlando Sentinel: "...delivered a roof-rattling, rip-roaring show with style, energy and skill that many younger stars ought to envy." 

Purchase tickets and see a list of the Minneapolis shows at www.axs.com/garth

About Garth Brooks:
Certified by the RIAA in 2000 as the #1-selling solo artist in U.S. history, Garth Brooks is now certified at 134 million albums and has received every accolade the recording industry can bestow on an artist.
In 2001, Garth retired and moved back to Oklahoma to raise his children. In 2008 the President-elect, himself, requested that Garth headline President Obama's Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. A crowd of over 300,000 did the "wave" to Garth's performance of "Shout" while the President sang along. That same year the Governor of California asked Garth to help the State. Garth performed 5 concerts in 2 days with the proceeds from 83,000 tickets sold donated to efforts to prevent fire catastrophes. Portions of the live concerts were shown as a TV special, "Garth Brooks: Live in L.A." allowing viewers to donate as well.
In December 2010, Garth finished an astonishing 9 sold out concerts in 6 days to raise money for the flood relief efforts in Tennessee. ABC World News Tonight declared Garth The Person of the Week and the Mayor of Nashville announced that this was a record December for downtown Nashville merchants due to the over 145,000 who attended the concerts.
In January, 2012 he was named the best-selling artist of the last two decades by Billboard, Nielson and SoundScan, with a whopping 68.5 million sales. Brooks also sold out his recent appearance at the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. The sell out 15,000+ seats happened in less then a minute. Garth was recently inducted into the International Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York as well as the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. In October he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Performing for his induction were his heroes George Strait, James Taylor and Bob Seger.
On November 29th, 2013, Garth took the night with almost 9 million viewers watching his CBS special "Live From Las Vegas." That very day Garth released his new boxed set, Blame It All On My Roots, which debuted for the 13th time in Garth's career at #1 on the country charts. The boxed set also rose to the top of the Billboard 200 Chart making it the 9th time Garth has been able to achieve that feat.
Garth's performance of "Friends in Low Places," was the last thing heard on The Tonight Show as Jay Leno ended his 22 year reign as The Tonight Show host.
On Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014, Garth released a new single, "People Loving People." It was his first new single since 2008.

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