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Flash Mobile Delivery

Flash Mobile Delivery allows AXS account holders to manage, buy, sell and transfer tickets via AXS.com or the AXS app. No paper tickets required!


1) Download the AXS App for iPhone or Android. Don’t have a smartphone? Please contact Target Center ticket office at [email protected] or phone at 612-673-0900.
2) Open the app and click the Account Icon located at bottom right corner of the screen. ​

3) First time users: click CREATE ACCOUNT and use the email you provided 

4) Previous users: click SIGN IN and use the email you provided
5) To quickly bring up your Flash Mobile QR Code for your next event, click the Upcoming Event Icon located at the bottom center of the screen.
6) Show the Flash Mobile ticket QR code to the usher to scan at the entrance
7) You'll receive a paper seat locator to help find your seats

8) To manage your tickets, click on the Ticket Icon located at the bottom of the screen where you can view all of your upcoming events and also transfer tickets to friends or sell tickets you can't use (if available on your event).

Guests can also use the Timberwolves app to view and manage mobile tickets for all Target Center events with the Flash mobile delivery option available.

No smart phone? Show the usher at the entry gates the credit card used to purchase your tickets, for verification and entry. 

Questions? Email us at [email protected]


What are seat transfers? A seat transfer allows you to digitally send each guest in your party their own ticket through the AXS app. With seat transfers, you no longer have to worry about delivering the paper ticket to them in advance or meet to walk in together. 

1) Sign into the AXS app and click the TICKETS icon

2) Find the event you want to transfer and click TRANSFER

3) Check the boxes for the tickets you want to transfer

4) Enter the name and email of the recipient(s) and click NEXT to preview the transfer

5) Click CONFIRM TRANSFER and the recipient will immediately receive an email with instructions on how to claim the tickets



Is there a fee for transferring seats? No, there is no fee for transferring seats.

How will I know if my transfer was successful?  Review your transfer history within the AXS app by clicking on the TICKETS icon and selecting TRANSFERRED. You may also review your transfers and purchase history at AXS.com. 

How do I accept transferred tickets? If you already have an AXS account, the tickets will be transferred to your account automatically. Otherwise, you'll get an email letting you know you need to create an AXS account to claim your tickets. Just follow the simple steps to make the tickets officially yours.

Can I cancel a transfer? It depends. If your friend already has an AXS account, the tickets will be transferred instantaneously. Otherwise, you have until your friend creates an account to cancel the transfer. Remember, your friends can always transfer tickets back to you. 

I have Flash mobile tickets but forgot my phone. What do I do? You may use the credit card used to purchase tickets or we can help look up your AXS account. Please ask the usher for assistance. 

I have Flash mobile tickets that I bought for a group. How do we all enter the venue? You have two options: Make sure everyone enters together and show the tickets on your phone for your entire group to enter at once. If you're not arriving as a group, you can transfer tickets to friends straight from your AXS account. Then your friends can get in with their own phones using the AXS app. 

Can I just send a screenshot of the barcode instead of using the Transfer button? No, that will not work. The app has screenshot prevention so the barcode will be refreshed every 60 seconds to protect your tickets. You must use the app's Transfer feature to send your tickets to someone else.